Meet The Chef – Jodie Delport

Chef Jodie Delport’s love for this profession started from a young age. Jodie has always had an interest in cooking, and constantly found herself in the kitchen trying to get her hands on food. Choosing a culinary career was an easy decision for Jodie.

Jodie chose to study at Alfresco International Academy of Food and Wine, and after completing her course, she immediately started her first job at a Restaurant. Jodie’s true learning experience came when she met and worked for Chef Adam Iverson and his wife, Zina. She worked under Chef Adam’s guidance and knowledge, which is where she truly fell in love with food.
Chef Jodie’s biggest highlight in her career thus far is the first wine dinner she partook in at Olivewood, where she got a taste of her first fine dining culinary experience.

A lot of Jodie’s inspiration over the years has come from Clare Smyth, who is a model for female Chefs across the world as one of the only women to receive 3 Michelin Stars and open her own Michelin star rated restaurant. Jodie states that Clare’s drive and hard work inspire her on a daily basis, proving that women have all the capability in the world of succeeding in this industry.

Chef Jodie in Short:

Favourite Drink ~ Strawberry Daiquiri
Favourite Dish to Eat ~ Pasta
Favourite Dish to Cook ~ Steak
Guilty Pleasure ~ Liquorice
Most admirable Food Personality ~ Clare Smyth

“For me, it is about finding yourself in food and working towards a style of cooking that I can identify as my own.” – Chef Jodie Delport