Meet Chefs – Patricia and Toto

Chef Patricia has been working in the culinary industry for 25 years, accumulating experience at a well-known local establishment before starting at Olivewood in 2017. Patricia confirmed that one of her many highlights of her career at Olivewood thus far, has been in developing, testing and perfecting the homemade bread recipe that so many of our guests enjoy every day.

Patricia is the queen of all things baking and is the true master behind the ever-so-popular Spring Rolls that have been a menu staple at Olivewood since the opening of the first Restaurant. Her many years of experience show in her attention to detail, expansive knowledge of local cuisine and her mastery of flavoursome cooking.

A lot of Patricia’s inspiration in recent years has come from Olivewood Executive Chef, Adam Iverson, who has provided her with a fresh perspective on local and international cuisines. Chef Patricia states that Adam’s encouragement and leadership provides her with motivation to continue in this industry for many more years.

Chef Patricia in Short

Favourite Drink ~ Oros
Favourite Dish to Eat ~ Pasta
Favourite Dish to Cook ~ Steak/Calamari
Guilty Pleasure ~ Sweets
Most admirable Food Personality ~ Chef Adam Iverson

Chef Toto is a local chef who gained experience at a few popular, local restaurants before starting at Olivewood in 2017. Toto’s highlights of his career thus far include the many events and Golf Days at Olivewood where a classic South African braai is on the menu. Like many South African’s, Chef Toto is at his happiest outdoors, braaiing local produce, chatting to guests and enjoying the sunshine.

There is nothing better than one of Toto’s mouth-watering Clubhouse Fillets, Sticky Ribs, Barbeque Chicken Wings or Delectable Burgers. Chef Toto will ensure that your meal is not only packed with flavour and cooked to perfection, but also made with passion and zest.

A large contributing factor in Toto’s daily inspiration comes from Olivewood Executive Chef, Adam Iverson, who has been a mentor to him and added a new sense of passion and pride in his cooking. Toto is enthusiastic when it comes to his culinary career and development and eager to continue working with Chef Adam Iverson to further his knowledge within the industry.

Chef Toto in Short:

Favourite Drink ~ An ice-cold Castle Lite
Favourite Dish to Eat ~ T. Bone
Favourite Dish to Cook ~ Steak
Guilty Pleasure ~ Braai
Most admirable Food Personality ~ Chef Adam Iverson