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Our Vision

To be one of the leading luxury residential estates in South Africa, offering a variety of serene lifestyle choices in an environment that is safe and in harmony with nature.

Olivewood Private Estate - Our Mission

Our Mission

To create a safe, secure and tranquil living environment.

Olivewood Private Estate - Our Values

Our Values

Passion, Excellence, Hospitality & Authenticity


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Estate Facts

Fauna and Flora

Estate Features

Near Future Facilities


Wellness Centre

Swimming Pool

Sports Facilities

Office & Retail Node

Estate Security

5km of 2.4m high game fencing with a secondary 1.8m Electric Fence on the inner perimeter.
Armed and zoned electric fences linked to the Olivewood Control Room, where fences and gates are monitored 24/7.
Entry and Exit control with the use of license disc and driver’s license scanning technology.
Perimeter patrols by Olivewood’s nominated security company.


Crossways Village
12km via Schafli Rd (West)

East London Airport
44km via Schafli Rd, N2, R72 (West)

Hemingsway Mall
32 km via Schafli Rd, N2 (North)

Life Beacon Bay Hospital
26km via Schafli Rd, N2 (West)

East London (City)
29km via Schafli Rd, N2, R72 (West)