Why Estate Living Is Becoming Popular Among Homeowners

Estate Living

Estate living is becoming an increasingly popular lifestyle choice that many South Africans are beginning to prefer over choosing to live in free-standing houses. This is because estate living provides a number of benefits, one of the most valued being safety and controlled security

With recent lockdown restrictions possibly extending as far as the year 2021 and affecting lifestyle choices as a consequence, estate living may now be even more sought after by property owners looking to buy or rent a new home.

As lockdown restrictions slowly begin easing, a sense of normalcy has returned to people’s lives. However, with this new change comes the possibility of South Africa experiencing peak Covid-19 infection rates, which could prove to be a valid concern for those looking to move or to buy. With this in mind, it makes sense for people to minimise any interactions with others as far as possible, outside of family and friends to avoid the rise and spread of infection. 

An effective way to do this is to remain in the neighbourhood where you live, and to only shop, eat and use amenities available in your area. Choose to shop locally instead of travelling to larger shopping malls that attract large groups of individuals from surrounding areas.

Estate living is another effective way to minimize interaction with others, as it offers a number of convenient facilities such as restaurants, conference centres, golf courses and/or schools. This makes most ‘everyday’ things easily accessible and limits the need to travel. Lifestyle estates are more attractive now than ever as they offer a safe space where secure facilities, 24-hour security patrols and stringent safety measures provide residents with a stress-free living environment.


Photo of Olivewood Private Estate Property | Golf Estate Port Elizabeth

Residents who choose to live in estates are also by nature, far less accessible to other members of the public, therefore decreasing exposure to any external influences, Covid-19 related or otherwise.

People who are interested in buying homes within a Private Estate may be looking for more space and feel a desire to escape high-density city living. In fact, estate living has become so popular that some estates have opted to include more affordable sectional title properties and even retirement villages, catering to a larger market of soon-to-be homeowners.

It seems as though developers are adopting a new trend by building Private Estates, with the idea of becoming increasingly self-sufficient, able to function off the grid and provide electricity and water to its residents without having to rely on government resources. This kind of innovative thinking allows estate residents to pursue cost-wise and convenient living.

Developers are also becoming increasingly innovative and creating spaces that not only allow for comfortable living but also space for exercise and recreation. The comfort of knowing that Private Estates are self-sufficient, safe and secure makes them a top choice for potential buyers. It is clear to many that Private Estates are the future of residential living.