Ecology and wildlife

Ecology-and-wildlife at Olivewood Golf Estate

The unspoilt beauty of the Chintsa Valley is a huge component of Olivewood’s success.  We have therefore made every effort to preserve and promote the natural heritage of this land and ensure that the splendour of our surroundings is maintained throughout development.

The majority of the land within our estate will be protected. Approximately 60% will remain undeveloped so that you can continue to enjoy the region’s characteristic natural forests and landscapes.

We have a range of measures in place to reduce our water consumption and all properties at Olivewood will include water retention capabilities and rainwater tanks. Our golf course is irrigated with water from our own dams and boreholes and, as development gains momentum, grey water from properties will be used to irrigate our grounds.

Ecology & Wildlife at Olivewood

Our property designs promote the use of renewable energy with solar panels incorporated into all of Olivewood’s homes. In addition to supplying homeowners with renewable energy, this solar power will be fed back into the Eskom power grid, supplying surrounding areas.

During construction, a huge amount of care is taken to preserve indigenous flora. Whilst alien vegetation is removed, local plants are carefully transplanted and moved to another location on the estate for use in gardens or for shade on the golf course. The use of hardy local vegetation has numerous benefits, from reducing water consumption to minimising the risk of fires.

Our grounds are home to a thriving population of local game and you can look forward to sighting the nyala, blesbok, waterbuck, impala and warthogs that wander the grounds of the estate freely.